Workshop 2

Rainfall monitoring network

The objective of this operational workshop is to discuss and define tecnhical details about the new rainfall monitoring network, to be deployed by Municipality of Ferrara.

The workshop will be in Italian.

When: Tuesday 31st January (15:00 to 18:00)

Where: Town hall - Sala Zanotti

Agenda and invited participants

  • 15:00 welcome and intro: Municipality of Ferrara - Environmental Department (Alessio Stabellini)

  • 15:15 chair: Municipality of Ferrara - Environmental Department (Francesca Borea)

  • 15:20 Brief discussion with invited participants:

    • Hera Group (Marcello Zanella e Vittorio Crepaldi) - Sewage management service and challenges of climate change

    • Consorzio di Bonifica (Laura Montanari) - Main issues of climate change: floods and drought

    • Municipality Ferrara - Urban Planning Department (Cristiano Rinaldo) - New urban plan "PUG" and climate changes

    • ARPAE (Michele Di Lorenzo) - Climatic data available

  • 16:15 coffee break

  • 16:30 round table with invited participants: discussion among associations and new needs related to climate change

    • CNA (Davide Bellotti, Diego Benatti)

    • Confesercenti (Alessandro Osti)

    • Confindustria Emilia (Riccardo Monti)

    • Coldiretti Ferrara (Riccardo Casotti)

    • Confartigianato (Paolo Cirelli)

    • VisitFerrara (Nicola Scolamacchia)

  • 17:45 Conclusions and next steps and meetings)

  • Auditor/rapporteur: FBK + Deda Next