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2022 - First USAGE meeting in Madrid

The USAGE Consortium

The consortium gathers 11 partners across Europe, including local government, industry & SMEs, academia & research and standardization organizations. The emerging market of services related to Data Space for Green Deal is a complex subject and the consortium made the choice to gather diverse actors with different positions on the value chain.

Read our interviews to some consortium partners!

The consortium has been designed to have complementary expertise among all project partners, aiming at covering most of the types of stakeholders that need to be involved in the design of urban data spaces that address some of the LGD priorities. This includes: 

2023 Plenary meeting (Ferrara - Italy)

Meet the USAGE team

The group of experts fielded by the partners is interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary. It covers a broad spectrum of competencies and skills, from local authorities to private companies (large and SMEs), research centres and academia, to standarization bodies and think tank  with focus on climate and environmental policies, geospatial technologies, sociology, community organising and digital transformation.

Read our interviews to some consortium partners!

Martina Forconi

Deda Next

Naomi Thiru

KU Leuven

Giacomo Martirano

Epsilon Italia

Kjersti Moe


Verena Lenz


Francesco Mureddu

Lisbon Council

Natalia Oprea

Lisbon Council