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2024, Jul 3 

A double interview with Francesca and Piergiorgio in the field of geospatial data and interoperability. Fresh from their participation in the recent OGC Members Meeting, they share their insights on the critical importance of interoperability in geospatial data systems and the significant contributions of the USAGE project 

2024, Jun 28 

Project activities presented at the "Geographic Perspectives on ClimateChange Mitigation in Urban & Rural Environments" IEREK conference

2024, June 10. 

A communication activity by our Partner AVT  to empower municipalities towards a better monitoring of their environmenti


2024, June 13. 

On 28th of May, Lucía Sánchez, from the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM) presented our project in the projects networking session of the 21st Extended (European) Semantic Web Conference (ESWC).  During this session, an overview of USAGE was presented to other projects and stakeholders in order to promote possible collaborations.  In addition, during this conference there were held other important events such as the Second International Workshop on Semantics in Dataspaces, organized by Johannes Theissen-Lipp, Pieter Colpaert, Sulayman K. Sowe, Edward Curry, and Stefan Decker, where importance of semantinc interoperability in dataspaces was shown.  

2024, May 24. 

Tomorrow, 25th of May, last event of the series of Acclimatize events in our Pilot City: Zaragoza

🌍 Save the Date: May25, 10:30AM

Our Partner AVT was in Bologna for the Workshop organized by ENEA and Italian Association of Remote Sensing

2024, June 6-7. 

2024, April 15

Come to listen our talk at the European Geoscience Union annual meeting in Vienna!

Our talk "Urban Data Space to Support Green Deal Priority Actions" is on Friday, 19 Apr, 11:30–11:40 in Room G2

2024, May 21

Our Partner AVT is presenting in Florence  for the centennial of the IUSS - International Union of Soil Sciences.

Aerial survey can contribute to soil sciences in many ways.  Check the session: 'Soils for planning sustainable cities'

2024, March 15. 

Join Citizen Science Ferrara 

🌍 Save the Date: March 16, 2:00 PM

2024, March 4.  Open data produced for the Municipality of Ferrara in USAGE are available in portal; just search. Click here for more

2024, March 8. Our partner GeoCat is happy to provide an SDI solution for the USAGE project so the USAGE (meta)data can be published, discovered and used by all

Project meeting in Leuven, Belgium

2024, January 24. All partners meeting at KU Leuven premises to discuss ongoing activities and pilots achievements.

2024, January 12. Did you already see how many GB of opendata are shared by the Municipality of Ferrara?

2023, November 28. Meeting to discuss ongoing developments, use-cases and deployments of technological solutions in the pilot areas

2023, November 29. We are at the #INSPIRE event to report our activities for Green Deal, check out our main takeaways!

2023, 6 November. Avviso pubblico per il conferimento di un contratto di lavoro autonomo per le esigenze connesse alle attività del progetto "USAGE" ai sensi del ROUS, art. 60. Area Tecnologica.

DAMA Chapters of the EMEA region Conference

2023, November 23. USAGE presents at DAMA EMEA Data Conference 2023, showcasing data-driven solutions for urban environmental challenges.

From November 29th to December 2nd.  Joins us at the Panel ‘Using data to improve our cities and the world we live in’ where USAGE will showcase the role of data-driven innovations and collaboration in tackling environmental and climate challenges at urban level.  See you in Bologna!

2023, 25 Oct. Our partner Lisbon Council is looking for support within WP2 activities!

2023, 23 Oct. Partners FBK presented the USAGE dataset to forster green deal application with geodata.

2023, Oct 3. USAGE presented at EuroGeo event in the session "building the green deal data space in a way that contributes to GEO".

2023, Sept 20. Check thermal images (night & day) over our pilot area in Ferrara flown and prepared by our partner AVT.

2023, 29 Sept. Partners FBK and AVT showcased project activities at the EU Researchers Night in Trento.

2023, Sept 27. USAGE presented at the joint EuroGeographics / EuroSDR workshop on AI for national mapping agencies. 

2023, 11 June. Partners are getting ready to meet in Zaragoza (Spain) to discuss ongoing activities and incoming deliverables.

2023, May 30. USAGE does not develop its solutions in isolation and explicitly recognises the importance of aligning with relevant European policy initiatives. In order to better understand the European policy context in which USAGE develops its solutions,  this month, interviews are conducted with over ten European experts covering the variety of policy topics that USAGE touches upon. 

2023, April 12. Earth Observation acquisitions literally help in detecting the hot spots of cities,  here the surface temperature over Ferrara (IT), one of the pilots of the USAGE project.

2023, April 20. The objective of this webinar is twofold: on the one hand, to illustrate the international standard OGC SensorThings API to ensure interoperability of IoT and sensor-based data; on the other, to showcase practical experiences already started at different levels in Europe and Italy.

2023, March 1°. This introductory webinar will introduce the GREAT project and its goals, objectives, and upcoming activities.

The OAB has developed the OGC Web API Guidelines. Are you a standard developer? Watch videos to learn how to use common templates and align efforts.

2023, February 28. GO-PEG consortium organizes the workshop Practicing FAIRness for geospatial and cross-border data. 

2023, February 20-24. Relevant ongoing projects on data spaces will meet and start sharing their plans for developments and directions undertaken, to discuss synergies, overlaps and complementary approaches.

2023, February. USAGE speaks with climate and data policy experts of the Municipality of Zaragoza to better understand the city's needs and the context in which the USAGE solutions will be developed.

2023, February 23. “Get-to-know” introductory workshop organized online by Data Spaces Support Centre, with the participation of a block of 26 Horizon Europe projects under World Leading Data and Computing Technologies cluster.

2023, Jan 31. The magnificent city hall of Ferrara welcomes USAGE partners for the Italian plenary and organized workshops!

2023, Jan. Back-to-back with the USAGE project meeting Francesco Mureddu (Lisbon Council) will speak to representatives of the Municipality of Ferrara to gain insights into the current policy context and technological infrastructure for the use of climate and environmental data. The interviews support the initial mapping of the USAGE pilots.

2023.01.25 Charlotte van Ooijen (Lisbon Council) and Kjersti Moe (AVT) speak to several urban planning and climate policy specialists of the Graz city administration. The interviews support the initial mapping of the USAGE pilots.

Topic: Integration of remote sensing with in-situ data at different scales | IEEE IGARSS 2023

From January 31 to February 2nd 2023, USAGE project partners are meeting in Ferrara (Italy) to discuss with local policy makers and stakeholders

USAGE project has been presented by Danny Vandenbroucke (KU Leuven) during Data for Policy 2022 on December 13th in Brussels

USAGE is presented at the EuroGEO Workshop 2022, in a joint discussion with other projects and stakeholders interested in the development of Green Deal data spaces.

The 3rd International Conference on Strategies toward Green Deal Implementation will take place from  5 to 7 Dec 2022 in Poland.

The webinar Environmental Policies and data at the urban scale is organised by Deda Next within the USAGE project: book your spot (29 November).

USAGE presented at the Technology4All event 

AVT participated at the event, held in Rome on 2-23 Nov 2022, with a boot, presenting aims and tasks of the USAGE project.

USAGE is going to Ferrara (Italy). We are going to attend the first Datathon of the City on 28  November 2022. 

USAGE press release to report the kick-off meeting and the overall project information.

An overview of project aims, activities and pilots to tackle local green deals.

The kickoff meeting of the USAGE project was held in Madrid on 31st August and 1st September, hosted by UPM.