Workshop 4

Citizen science and crowdmapping of climate change impacts

The objective of this operational workshop is to present and discuss the citizen science activities foreseen for Ferrara pilot in 2023, 2024, and 2025. Teachers from high schools and representatives from citizens (Greenship initiative) as well from local environmental associations will discuss about activities for collecting, analaysing and sharing data about heat islands, flooding and biodiversity. Topics are:

    • heat island and climatic data (mobile sensors)

    • rainfalls and flooding (mini-drones)

    • biodiversity (

The workshop will be in Italian with simultaneous translation into English.

When: Wednesday 1st February (10:00 to 13:00)

Where: Museum of Natural History - map

Agenda and invited speakers

  • Welcome: Comune di Ferrara (Ass. Alessandro Balboni)

  • Chair: Deda Next (Marina Kovari)

  • Brief recap of USAGE project and specific objectives of Ferrara pilot by Municipality of Ferrara - Environmental Quality Department with Francesca Borea and Carla Corazza and by IT/GIS Department with Franco Beneventi

  • Experiences and stimuli

    • Citizen science in Belgium (biodiversity, air quality, draught) - KU Leuven with Danny Vandenbroucke, Naomi Thiru

    • Citizer Science project and guide lines in the Regione Emilia-Romagna with Michela De Biasio

    • Citizen science in Italy - Legambiente ER with Paola Fagioli

    • Future Resilience Labs in Murcia - Universidad Politécnica de Cartagena with Luca Lanzoni

Citizen science activities foreseen in Ferrara (from summer 2023 to summer 2025). Round table and next steps:

    • Fiumana (George Sobbe, Marco Falciano)

    • University Ferrara - Dept. of Environment and Prevention Sciences (Elena Marrocchino, Mattias Gaglio)

    • University Ferrara - Dept. of Life Sciences and Biotechnology (Cristiano Bertolucci)

    • AVT (Daniela Poli)

    • ART-ER (Michele Bartolomei)

    • Laboratorio Aperto & Greenship citizens (Marco Rizzo and other participants)

    • Datathon participants (Vittoria Fornasier, Chiara Parretta)

    • High school "Copernico" (Federica Orsatti, Laura Sensi)

    • High school "Navarra" (Raniera Gioacchini, Marco Nannicini)

    • High school "Roiti" (Francesca Rossi - to be confirmed)

    • ITSTEC (Marina Bergonzini)

Auditor/rapporteur: (Marco Falciano)